When you go to see your doctor it’s often that he asks you about old Medical reports, previous blood tests, a scan or the last prescription of medication you are taking. some times its even very useful to show him an old skin lesion or a certain swollen area for example. This is especially useful when you have seen more than one doctor. this will allow them to share the information and their medical opinions to do the best for you.

Having these information ready for you and your doctor all the time can be crucial to make the right assessment and in some situations, can be lifesaving.it will save you from repeating unnecessary tests if it was already done as well.

To try to help with this issue, we created My Health Record application and website. It’s a mobile application and a website to help people to save anything related to their health and medical background in one place. You can take a photo of your reports and save them in folders for an easy search by you or your doctors if needed. There is a section for your personal information where you can describe your story in your own words.

So, the process is simple:

1.Download the app.

2.Choose an 8-digit number as your My Health Record Number. No email required.

3.Capture anything related to your medical history and safe it in the proper folder (reports, investigations, medications prescriptions or even boxes).

4.access your records from your mobile phone or any computer if you are intown or abroad. You can print any needed record as well.

5.Once you give your number to your doctor he can access your records from his mobile or the website at any time.